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PHARMED is a post-graduate program in Pharmaceutical Development Sciences
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PHARMED was started in 1992. The PHARMED program covers the entire process of drug development from drug discovery to market access. The purpose of PHARMED is to provide specific training for the various functions held in pharmaceutical companies, CROs and regulatory agencies by physicians, pharmacists, doctors in veterinary medicine and masters and PhDs in life sciences.

The program was reviewed and updated for the inclusion of the latest innovation and new developments in the sector.

PHARMED is recognized as a Center of Excellence by PharmaTrain.  

MDs, pharmacists, doctors in veterinary medicine, masters and PhDs in life sciences are eligible to register. PHARMED is intended for those who want to train for a future career in the pharmaceutical industry as well as for employees of biopharmaceutical companies who wish to complement or update their knowledge.

The PHARMED program is constituted by 6 distance learning modules covering the entire process of drug development from drug discovery to market access. A seventh elective module has a specific theme. Each of the 6 general modules will be followed by a workshop and a written assignment.

The teaching team is composed of experts from various universities, regulatory authorities/agencies, CROs, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The learning process of the courses includes didactic teaching and focus on interactivity. At the end of each module, a workshop will take place during which participants will work in small teams on a case-study with the support of one or more teachers. Participants will be able to download the documents before the workshop in order to prepare themselves. A strategy will be developed together and a written report will be provided by each participant one week later (assignment).  

All distance learning courses are video recorded and can be viewed with the slides on the course platform. The course language is English.

In the changing environment of today’s biopharmaceutical industry, course providers must offer flexibility. This is why PHARMED offers different options to benefit from its program:

  • Attending all the distance learning courses of 6 (+1) modules over 2 years (with access to all video recordings) ;
  • Attending selected module(s) (with access to corresponding video recordings).

A “Certificate in Pharmaceutical Development Sciences” is granted to candidates who have passed with success the examination that consists of three parts:

  • Six assignments
  • Multiple choice examination
  • Oral examination on all the topics covered by the program.

A certificate of attendance is delivered to the participants who do not want to sit the examination.